The Best Gaming Setup Under $50

Gaming On A Budget But Still Want Professional Gaming Gear? 

Not A Problem!

It's obvious that in todays gaming world, gear can get expensive especially when you want the best quality and performance for your match. That is why we set out on a quest. 

We are gamers just like you and decided to help the gaming community by finding you world class gaming gear for a fraction of the cost but also maintaining the quality and excellence of other top brands. 

Below I have brought to you today the BEST keyboard and mouse setup that is affordable yet extremely well equipped for any gaming situation you may find yourself into. Don't let your friends have the upper hand with there expensive gear. 


#1 PG Pro Gamer Mouse - 

When it comes to gaming setups everyone knows it all starts with the mouse. Sifting through all the modern day mouses we have hand picked this extremely well built and stylish Pro Gamer Mouse that for the price is an unbelievable value and will sure to increase your performance in game. 

Grab Yours At Our Exclusive Rate

Price - 9.95

Regular - 39.99

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#2 RGB Pro Gaming Keyboard - 

Next up we really wanted to find the perfect keyboard that rivals the brands at the top. Finally the search for that exact keyboard we have been wanting is over. If you aren't already typing on an RGB keyboard the time to switch is now and experience the most epic gaming experience of your life. This keyboard is game changing and at the cost you won't believe your eyes! Unlock your true gaming potential.

Grab Yours At Our Exclusive Rate 

Price - 39.99

Regular - 139.99

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